“Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers - strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength.”

Barbara Katz Rothman​

Providing non-judgmental, physical, emotional, informational and practical support before and during your birth experience.

Providing in home support during the first few days or weeks after birth so that you have time to heal and bond with your new family member.

Doing everything that a parent would do so you have peace of mind knowing that your children are being well cared for.

Sara was everything I could have hoped for

As a first time surrogate and single woman, I knew I wanted the support of a Birth Doula to help me through the labor and delivery process. I understood the value of having a knowledgeable and comforting person to not only be a support to me, but also to the parents of the baby I was carrying.
Sara was everything I could have hoped for. She was so kind and encouraging throughout the entire process, and even let me squeeze her hand when the contractions became too much to bear.
My good friend who is an RN at the hospital I delivered at, played an active roll during the delivery. Afterward she commented on how much she appreciated Sara's ability to respect the rolls of the medical professionals, and to not interfere during times when her efforts were not needed.
It brings me so much happiness that not only myself, but the parents of my surrobaby, and the medical staff, all had a positive experience with Sara's role as my Birth Doula. I am in the process of becoming a second time surrogate for a new family and I will most definitely be calling upon Sara to be my support system once again. I believe that any family, regardless of their dynamics, will benefit greatly from having Sara as their Birth Doula. ❤
Melissa Sanve, Concord CA
Birth Doula Service

I would not hesitate to recommend her

I felt totally comfortable leaving my two children and elderly mother with Sara while on a three week business trip to New Zealand. She took them to school, appointments and other activities as well as preparing lunches, supporting them with homework and preparing meals. The boys enjoyed going on outings and my mother loved her cooking and enjoyed her company in the evenings. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone needing a temporary nanny.
Susan-Jane Harrison, Oakland, CA
Temporary Nanny Service

Sara has also given us tips & tricks that are helpful for 1st time parents

Our first baby Ethan was born May 20th, 2020. After bringing him home from the hospital his days and nights were reversed. After a week of no sleep we were beyond exhausted and barely able to function. Finally we decided to look into a night doula. We spoke with a few close friends and professional agencies but decided on Sara due to her immense experience, calming demeanor and warm personality.
We were nervous about having a new person with Ethan, especially at night but she really put us at ease. After our first night with Sara we already noticed improvements with Ethan’s sleep patterns. Every night she comes he seems to improve, making it easier for us to handle him better on the nights we don’t have her. Sara has also given us many baby tips and tricks that have been so helpful, as first time parents.
It has been a hard road but we are starting to thrive as parents. We feel we can attribute a lot to Sara by getting Ethan on a normal sleep schedule and getting us the sleep we desperately needed. We would highly recommend Sara to anyone looking for a night Doula!
Carrie and David Forest, Danville
Postpartum Nigth Doula