Born in London, England, I have worked with children and families all my life – as a nanny, a teacher, a counselor and, for the past five years, as a birth and post partum doula. All that experience (and my own as a parent) has made me aware of how our future relationships with our children are determined from the very beginning. It is my belief that a happy, stress-free and fulfilling birth experience is the very best start to confident parenting and a rich family life.

I started my work life as a private nanny before training to become an AMI Montessori pre-school teacher, then moved on to take an MA in Counseling Psychology and work as a School Counselor. At the same time I was raising my own two children. The more I saw of family relationships the more interested I became in the very beginnings of those relationships. In 2015, I trained as a doula through Contra Costa Regional Medical Center and Childbirth International. I have a special interest in teen pregnancy, Surrogate birth and LGBTQ families.

In five years I have attended over 90 births and have experience with C Section, VBAC, and Twins. I believe that a good birth experience starts before the actual delivery so I can offer support throughout your pregnancy as well as helping you through the first stages of parenthood with emotional and practical support including breastfeeding, soothing techniques etc. . I am also available for nights so you can get a good night’s sleep and be confident that your baby is well cared for. In an emergency I can offer 24-hour care for your whole family including meals, school runs, homework support, outings, light housework etc.

We all know that having a baby isn’t all magic and stardust – sometimes it can be a bit of a rocky road. You can depend on me for down-to-earth advice and practical help to make your experience as rewarding as it can be.

I offer service to Contra Costa and Alameda Counties in the East Bay as well as Temporary/Nanny service in the UKIn an emergency I can offer 24-hour