As your birth doula you can count on me for the non-judgmental physical, emotional, informational and practical support you need before and during birth so you can approach parenthood with confidence whether it’s your first baby or part of a growing family. I will work with your birth partner/family so that you have the strongest possible birth support team.

Sara Marks Brown birth doula

As your birth doula I will

As your birth doula I will not

When you take your new baby home I can help you and your family establish happy and enjoyable new routines with advice and care. I believe that your own health and well-being is essential to the health and well-being of your baby. I will be there to support you during the day so that you have time to heal and bond with your new family member. To help you get a good night’s worry-free sleep I can care for your baby overnight.

As your Postpartum doula I will

As your PP doula I will not

Sara Marks Brown Postpartum doula

Calm and continuity are the keystones to a happy family life.  If work, travel or sickness mean that you need a stand in for a while, I offer 24 hour care of your children from one day to up to three weeks.  This includes doing everything that a parent would do so that you can have the peace of mind that you need and know that your children are being well cared for.